Kazakhstan Airlines “Air Astana” bought “The Spirit of the Place”

The beautiful and picturesque documentary “The Spirit of the Pace” (coproduction of DMart Production – Kyiv, Ukraine) was sold on “Air Astana” – one of the biggest airlines in Kazakhstan. The passengers can now admire it during flights.

THE SPIRIT OF THE PLACE (1st season, 13х13 min., 2015, HD) – it’s a wonderful documentary, which gives the opportunity to visit the most unusual and exotic places in the world: Laos, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Nepal, Colombia, Ecuador, Burma, Tanzania, Greenland, Easter Island, etc. watching the screen. Bright and stunning views; wildlife, culture and everyday life of local people; amazing, exciting footages on a professional camera in combination with a pleasant relaxing music. The breathtaking God’s beauty of the world impresses.

DMart – it’s a team of video production professionals that since 2013 participated in the creation and development of more than two dozen informational, entertainment and educational projects, which were broadcasted on the TV channels across the globe. “To make not just a high-quality video content, but share with the audience a sense of beauty” – the slogan of the company.

The main partner of DMart is MK Distribution, that both are divisions of MK Media Group.
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