UnFortuity or why do you want to know about it

The greatest scientists of humanity proved many times that fortuities don’t exist. However, it seems that the key discoveries in history happened by accident. But, how is it possible? In fact, it’s not important what and who planed it, rather it’s interesting how it happened. The producers of the new show “UnFortuity know more about this.

The program will tell in the entertaining and easy form about unfortuities that changed the world for better. “UnFortuity” is an intriguing fiction documentary story, about everything what you don’t know, but want to. Impressive events and unbelievable discoveries. The international holding MK Media Group presents a fundamentally new docudrama “UnFortuity”.

The first season consists of 13 series. The first serie will be released at the end of July 2016. The premiere is still unknown. Details will be published soon. Follow our news!